Pre-sale Survey

The owner of any cruising yacht can try to keep his (new) vessel in “as new” condition by repairing all breakages, scratches etc. that occur during the use of the vessel. He or she may also take the approach of being a little neglectful and living by the principle of: “if it works it’s fine with me”. There are also people who only start worrying when things go wrong.
Of course, everyone is free to choose one of the above with all kinds of variations in between, but, these all have consequences when the yacht is put up for sale.

I will describe the state of the boat on the day of the survey, as all yacht need to be maintained. Depending on the size of vessel, the type, the maintenance standards the previous owner(s) applied, and the grade of equipment,
I can advise you on what is reasonably expected to be put right.
I‘ll do this with sophisticated gear where needed and based on my practical experience of hoisting, sailing, surveying, evaluating, and repairing yachts for 340 days a year.

If you read your report you’ ll be able to determine the state of repair the yacht is in.
All this information can be of importance to you to determine if the desired yacht is something that suits you.

Price of pre sale survey: € 65 /meter up to 11 meters, € 75 / meter from 11 meters to 16 meters.

Partial Survey
Follow-up Advice
Damage Survey