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Follow-up Advise

From canoe to ocean racer, the World Wide Web is almost too small to describe all the quality’s you can ascribe to a yacht. And for you as potential buyer it is not easy to see the do’s and don’ts.

If we are talking about a motor vessel to discover the inland waterways of France, or a blue water sailing yacht to sail the seven seas, I can say with my years of experience in boating combined with up-to-date technical knowledge, we are able to determine, together, a minimum list of requirements for your boat.
This we do in one or more meetings, before we can start searching the market, when we find something which matches your requirements, we can go out and evaluate the vessel.

Once you decide that the vessel meets your requirements, I can do a pre-sale survey, so you’ll be sure of the condition she’s in.

Price advise /follow up: project price including pre-sale survey, or € 400 / part day ex pre-sale survey.

Pre-sale Survey
Partial Survey
Damage Survey